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MV Diagnostics Limited is the official world-wide exclusive marketing agent for the MVD-Enfer Chlamydia abortus ELISA kit and the Hyphen BioMed Elitest MVV/CAEV and CLA ELISA kits.

The price of a kit depends on the number purchased, discounts are available for large orders and can be subject to negotiation for the purposes of development of new markets. Please contact us for a quote.

The Elitest MVV/CAEV and Elitest CLA kits contain five plates with 460 test wells and 20 control wells. The MVD-Enfer Chlamydia abortus ELISA kit contains 2 plates with 186 test wells and 6 control wells.

If you want to order the MVD-Enferplex Goat/Sheep multidisease ELISA for MVV/CAEV, CLA and Johnes disease please contact us as this kit requires a special plate reader.

Within three to five days of MV Diagnostics Ltd receiving your order the kits will be dispatched to you by international courier directly from the kit manufacturers. You will receive an invoice from the manufacturer and terms of payment are within 30 days of delivery of the kits.

We are pleased to answer any questions and provide technical support concerning MVD-Enfer or Elitest kits. Please contact us using the email address or contact form on our contact page.

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